Why Reliance stock is India’s very own Amazon stock : a 10x in the making

You must have recently come across this news article where the headline clearly substantiated that Mukesh Ambani is the power broker for more than 1Billion Indians data! FAANGs (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) don’t have to work through the Indian government anymore but via Mukesh bhai’s brokerage. As sad it was to know that one man rules our tech economy instead of an able Ministry of Technology (if there is one in India).

Biggest Tech Broker Of The World / India’s Very Own Firewall?

The writing on the wall is clear, you do not bet against mota bhai or Mukesh Ambani. Specially when he was so many blessing from the current government.

And then I read another amazing fact about Mukesh bhai. He makes the fastest quick bucks among the top 10 richest in the world. Ain’t that amazing to feel proud as an Indian (laughs like Amrish Puri there). I mean he has already toppled the greatest value investor of the world Mr Warren Buffett.

Mukesh bhai is ‘Fastest fingers 1st’

My bet is mota bhai wants to remove Jeff Bezos from his numero uno position. He just needs another $110B-$120B to move up close to the king Papa Bezo.

And guess what, it is eerie similar to how the stocks mirror each other. But before comparing them let us quickly see the how Reliance Industries Limited [RIL from hereon] is a xerox copy of Amazon. We also have evidence that Mota bhai is good in copying (and execution) from the original.

Zoom Meet vs Jio Meet, which is the original?

So, let’s quickly revisit the Amazon and Jio ecosystem now as to how one wants to rule the world and another wants to rule India.

War chest of Amazon
War chest of Reliance

It is worth mentioning that RIL created history recently by becoming the first company in India to touch a market capital of $200 billion (about Rs 15 lakh crore). During intraday trading, RIL’s stocks hit an all-time high as shares rose 8.45 per cent to Rs 2,343.90 on the BSE.

Now let us get to the meat of it. Amazon lifetime chart vs RIL looks remarkably similar.

Click for HD chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/FyLB8fJC/

But on a closer look, RIL currently is where Amazon was at $350 during 2012-13.

Click for HD chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/CToETdMl/

At a closer look, the fractals are so distinguishably similar in terms of consolidation and lift-off that we know RIL stock will be a tear jerker for many until FOMO rushes in.  Notice the fight between bulls and bears for a consistent period of 3288 days before the lift off, breaking into new price territory.

Click for HD chart http://: https://www.tradingview.com/x/lXYlDU5d/

So, if the current lifetime price chart of RIL is what Amazon was from 1997-2013 then you must surely want to know what happened to Amazon post 2014? BAZOOKA. The price went 10x in just over 5 years of holding period.

Click for HD chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/745idsDE/

So, screw your fundamentals, P/E ratios, over intellectual mental masturbation of how RIL is so overpriced. This stock only goes up. Modi’s blessings that are about to come to Mukesh bhai aren’t priced in. That is all you need to know. And Modi’s blessing basket has no dearth. This is what will happen to RIL’s stock by 2026. We will touch Rs20,000 per share.

Click for HD chart http://: https://www.tradingview.com/x/1Mdj4u0f/

The world will witness the power of the Indian economy. RIL will moonshot projecting the prosperous business environment of India while many of us will slave way our lives as our salaries fall proportional to its stock price. That’s the dystopian future. Ok enough of the rhetoric.

Smart money has already invested balls deep into this RIL bet. Just look at the list of foreign investors.


Do you mean to tell me that all these foreign investors are not betting on harvesting gains for this decade, 2020-30?

This should be you right now

This hyper bullish narrative is a self-fulfilling prophecy. And here comes the 1st validation of the same. Just last week I ran into this article RIL share price surge is giving a headache to mutual funds wherein it says ‘The scorching rally in Reliance Industries Ltd.’s shares is becoming a problem for India’s equity mutual funds’ but in a good way. Money managers have hit a regulatory wall because of the surge. They can’t buy more of India’s most valuable company as actively-run plans aren’t allowed to own more than 10% of a single stock. FOMO has begun at a pace you don’t even realise.

Good news is there still is some range to buy, lets check the stock price of RIL.

Click for HD chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/I6gljBpM/

We almost touched Rs2400 per stock recently. The most recent support is Rs1600, at worse we might see Rs1300 which is the next support line but in all honestly this stock is the most hyperbullish stock that India has ever since. This trade is on multiple steroids. I would suggest accumulating at every weekly dip (wait till Friday or market close) it makes under the price of Rs2000. And then forget about it for the next 5 years.

See anything you like? Then go make money and let me know your thoughts on email or in the comments below.

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