What’s your excuse to NOT buy Bitcoin?

Your wife said NO to it?

CNBC said don’t go for it?

The Times of India said NO to it?

Or you just don’t feel it?

Remember these two pieces of paper?

The demise of INR 500 and INR 1000 notes. 

They lost having any value on 8th November 2016. What you considered money (even though it’s not, the right term is currency) was not ‘money’ post 8PM on 8th November 2016. To revisit the horror, go visit here.

Simply put, it was an attack on civil liberty of Indians. In the modern era, civil liberty is mostly defined by financial liberty: freedom to move anywhere, do any work, create jobs, lobby for your business or for bribing some government official to speed track your work (or equity as you might have it), etc.

The ultimate form of subjugation of people is confiscating money (normal folks tend to use currency or gold as “store of value”) to limit the financial liberty of citizens.

Some might even tell their horrible stories of properties being confiscated by state or central government for the greater good of the nation or if the Income Tax department finds a flaw in your financial status.

Thinking that #Demonetisation will not happen to you again is a sad tale you tell to your future self or to the near and dear ones who are yet younger. Reserve Bank of India is already planning to kick-off their digital currency and soon you would have to part ways with 2000 rupee notes as well.

The classic case of self-preservation of your financial rights and liberties is just buying Bitcoin. Not for any speculation (get quick rich gains) or for status signalling but for any volatile future takes by your government. Some might argue that why not gold? Well, you can visit the history of gold confiscation by kingdoms and governments here as explained by monetary historian Michael Maloney

For the financial savvy we did a quick research if Bitcoin demand falls / rises due to failed monetary policy, read here

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Innovative investors don’t need further convincing, they can foretell future as they sleep. For them, the ultimate nightmare is asset seizure. 

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