Top 10 Altcoin Picks for 2018

We know we are a tad late to post this considering its March 2018 and the key reason was to observe how the market settles in post the last altcoin rush. Additionally, since the last few days Bitcoin’s price stability has discovered a range of around ~ INR 6,50,000 – INR 7,00,000/- which makes a great timing to observe how the dust settled in (once Bitcoin’s volatility peaked low) and evaluate our top picks.

This year’s theme is centred around 3 categories which seem extremely bullish:

  • Privacy coins

  • Exchange coins

  • Betting coins


  1. Privacy Coins

Long time HODLers (holders) of Bitcoin are aware of the fact that Bitcoin is not anonymous (but pseudonymous). Additionally, organisations such as Chainanalysis are working with governments to track down the owners of Bitcoin and what activities they do with their bitcoins (just like a bank knows how much money you hold to your account, your spending pattern and where did you spend upon). The above phenomenon can be further substantiated with the declining use of Bitcoin in the darkweb activities:

Crypto believers (libertarians and anarchists) are moving on to cryptocurrencies which lend them strong privacy. The key to having a privacy coin portfolio is having a blend of high and low cap gems. Here are our top three privacy coins as a must in your crypto portfolio:

Monero (XMR):

Category: High cap

In summary Monero is the oldest privacy centred crypto in the market with the following key properties:

Current and future potential of monero:

It has a very strong online community (and cultists) who swear by it and has a very active developer community.

Buy Monero here:

 Zcash (ZEC)

Category: High cap

There are two strong reasons to be extremely bullish on Zcash. First, there is a consistent and growing usage and rise in marcap of this privacy centred cryptocurrency.

Secondly, it has a strong interest from the traditional finance industry such as the Zcash Investment Trust and a technology partnership with J.P. Morgan

Buy Zcash here:

Sumokoin (SUMO):

Category: Small cap

Sumokoin is essentially a Monero fork and is a hidden gem in the pool of privacy coins. Very active fanbase and active development team. Popularly, it is often called as the ‘Monero of Japan’ and it’s expected the first pull will come from Japan and Korea regions. We feel SUMO will emerge as the strongest privacy coin from a long term perspective. Let’s compare SUMO and XMR:

It’s just a matter of time for SUMO to get a marketing push and it hits something like Verge (XVG, though it was a pump and dump).

Buy SUMO here:

     2. Exchange Coins

Exchange coins are safest, secure and profitable bets to earn money consistently. Since most new exchanges are running on Blockchain (and have their own tokens) and some are aiming to become Decentralised Exchanges (called DEX’s), it makes sense to have ownership of few shares (or tokens) in these exchanges. Token holders are rewarded basis the total profit earned by these exchanges by market making and other trading activities on the platform. For traditional investors based in India, it is equivalent to holding shares of Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] and National Stock Exchange [NSE]. Here are our top five picks blended with high cap and low cap (potential to turn to high cap by EoY):

Binance (BNB)

Category: High Cap

The most popular exchange on the internet right now to buy altcoins. Binance is the fastest ever startup to achieve profitable tech unicorn status. It has achieved this status within SIX MONTHS from its launch in July 2017. And the amazing thing is that there is the opportunity for ordinary people to buy equity in this company at this early stage by buying Binance coin (BNB). It has the largest trading volume in the world right now, trading nearly $2 Billion a day!

Here is the revenue model for BNB:

There is an excellent article on Medium detailing a valuation calculator for Binance coin. We strongly recommend to read through it carefully to understand the current and potential earnings and other key financial metrics.

As an early stage investor in BNB, we have experienced a 1000% gain on our paltry principal of INR 1,74,000 (at the current time of publishing).

Buy Binance Coin (BNB) here:

KuCoin Shares (KCS)

Category: High Cap

KuCoin proved to be another BNB in the recent altcoin run. It has a large range of altcoins with BTC, ETH, NEO, BCH and KCS pairing and charting support built in for the aid of frequent traders. KCS has proved to be extremely profitable in the recent altcoin run making 20x the profit if you had bought KCS timely.

Currently it’s the 25th exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume.

Buy KuCoin here:

BiBox Token (BIX)

Category: Mid Cap

Bibox Token is another strong contender in the arena of exchange tokens. It currently is the 17th exchange among top 50 exchanges in terms of daily trading volume. You will find new altcoin gems hidden on this platform if you are an effective scalper.

Buy BiBox Token here:

Cobinhood (COB)

Category: Low Cap

Here is an excellent cryptocurrency exchange where there are no trading fees. Currently COB is an underdog in the space however it is actively developing its platform before the crowd turns in. It currently stands as the 100th exchange in terms of daily trading volume.

In the recent altcoin rally it performed quite impressive achieving a 500% return.

Buy Cobinhood here:

Sugar Exchange (SGR)

Category: Low Cap

For our dear BW readers, we are sharing a hidden gem with SGR. You can thank us later at the end of year. We have gone through its white paper and it seems to have a potential to be the big daddy of all exchanges. The platform, which is due out in May 2018, has many interesting features that should enable the new exchange to truly make a name for itself. Here are the features as described in the Sugar Exchange whitepaper:

  • Accounting: Deployable software that allows you to track all your trades, gains/losses, and keep a detailed record of your activity for tax season.
  • Video Tutorials: Free video tutorials to guide traders of all expertise levels.
  • AI Trade Recommendations: Big data analysis on price trends for trading recommendations
  • The First Crypto Venture Exchange: Crowd-sourcing startup fundraising with cryptocurrencies, essentially an ICO platform feature.
  • Trading Bot: Using their proprietary algorithm, ‘Sugar Bots’ will perform your buying and selling for you at the ideal time for enhanced return on investment.

Overall, these are some fantastic features that would make for a full-fledged exchange service that currently does not exist in the cryptocurrency world. We are interested to see how the use of big data and machine learning will build into their platform.

This project is currently underdevelopment and you know how crypto rewards early adopters.

SGR is trading at a very low volume currently:

Buy Sugar Exchange here:

   3. Betting Coins

Gambling and pornographic sites are the two arenas which receive massive traffic on the internet. Gambling and betting is a category which is ailed by frequent cheating and fraud causing distrust among online users. Decentralised and transparent blockchains are its ultimate solution.

Global online gambling market is poised to be a $60 Billion market by 2020, and even if we reach 1% of that market size by the below mentioned blockchain projects then we sit at a market cap of $600 Milion! [Check Graph down below]

Wagerr (WGR)

Wagerr is a decentralised sportsbook that changes the way world bets on sports. Wagerr uses distributed blockchain technology to execute betting contracts. It escrows stakes, verifies results, and pays out winners. By eliminating central authorities, Wagerr solves the most pernicious problems in the industry. Reducing corruption and risk results in predictable operation.

It’s currently aiming at the $400 Billion market (estimated) as mostly sports betting is primarily done offline and is largely unregulated in many countries.

You can buy WGR at Waves platform.

Edgeless (EDG)

For fans of poker, Edgeless is world’s first Ethereum powered ‘smart contract’ powered casino where you experience a fully transparent and 0% edge gambling online, sounds amazing right?

What’s the edge for edgeless?

Buy edgeless here:

Disclaimer: The author of this article may have a position in one or more of the securities mentioned above. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.

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