Performance Snapshot of a Crypto Portfolio

It’s been a refreshing yet challenging month at Bitcoin Wiser during May where we have successfully completed two Bitcoin and Blockchain bootcamps and have helped our clientèle accumulate profits upto 300% on their distributed portfolio in just a span of one month of our official launch (beating the trend followed by popular cryptos such as Bitcoin or Ether). Let’s take a quick snapshot on our performance of our key assets:

Coin X : Profits >=315% on the principal amount till date
Coin Y : Profits >=300% on the principal amount till date

Our research deep dives into the very core aspect of the utilitarian prospect of every cryptocurrency which is essentially the root of our selection of cryptocurrencies in our portfolio. Some of the innovative cryptos might have a platform, an innovative technology which is soon to be accepted in a few global markets or have demonstrated the minimum viable product. We are sure our extensive portfolio will deliver more than 1000% returns in profits if we stay invested for more than two years and we are hopeful to beat every indice in the traditional markets prevailing currently. To say this market is revolutionary is simply an understatement.

If you’re wondering why hasn’t your fixed deposit, mutual fund or your foreign exchange strategy hasn’t delivered these returns then here is a simple answer:

Well the good news is you don’t need to be intimidated if you don’t know much about the crypto world. We are there to help you out. Visit our contact us section and avail our first 30 min free consultancy session with the founder over the internet. Be Bitcoin Wiser and don’t be this guy:

(Disclaimer: the above illustrations represent small units of purchase for demonstration purposes and does not reveal the actual amount invested cumulatively. Bitcoin Wiser suggests you to do your own diligence and research extensively on the cryptocurrencies you invest in and stay away from any ponzi schemes which are rampant across India.


Always check the credentials of the company, founder and most importantly the background of the people working for the company.)

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