Professional Digital Currency Trading Course

Become a Certified Digital Currency Trader!

Schedule: 3 months / 90 days

Fees per individual: INR 1,25,000 + GST (group discount of 10% for 5)

Course Objectives:

  • To provide the knowledge and skills to trade profitably in cryptocurrency markets
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of how fundamental and technical analysis are used in real life situations by cryptocurrency market professionals
  • To teach students how to apply academic knowledge to manage risk and build reliable strategies for trading real-time financial markets
  • To introduce students to market-leading software, data and applications
  • To demonstrate the importance of trading psychology and strong mental control when trading

Unit 1: Fundamental Analysis of CryptoAssets

Week Subject
Week 1 and Week 2 1)      Introduction to course: A brief history of money

2)      The Byzantine’s General Problem

3)      Basics of cryptocurrency

4)      Bitcoin in practice – Part 1

5)      Bitcoin in practice – Part 2

6)      Alternative uses of the Blockchain

7)      Alternatives to Bitcoin (Beyond Bitcoin – Alternative Digital Currencies)

8)      Cryptocurrency and Central Banking

9)      Digital currency and Financial Institutions

10)   Regulatory and tax treatment

11)   Cryptocurrency and Innovation

12)   Digital currencies in the developing world

Unit 2: Technical Analysis of CryptoAssets

Week Subject Content
Week 3 Introduction to Cryptocurrency Markets & ICO Market History & Size
Market Overview Price construction
Market participants
Financial Trading Terms
Market Analysis Definition of Technical Analysis
Primary and secondary indicators
Chart types Line, bar and candlestick charts
Support and resistance Trends and trendlines
Trend channels
Week 4 Filter and gaps Time filter
Price filter
Impulsive breakout
Japanese candlestick charting Candle construction
Single candlestick pattern
Double candlestick pattern
How to develop a structured trading plan Basic rules
Risk management
Week 5 Trading psychology Mental accounting
Prospect theory – loss aversion
Fibonacci Fibonacci sequence, spiral and ratios
Fibonacci retracements
Fibonacci extensions
Price pattern recognition Continuation patterns
Flags and pennants
Reversal patterns
Head and shoulders
Double / Triple Tops and Bottoms
Rising / Falling Wedges
Week 6 Average Directional Index Identifying trading markets
Directional Movement Index DMI Trading System
Wilder’s Parabolic SAR Parabolic calculation and implementation
Week 7 Investment Strategy Long terms asset holding / wealth creation  / portfolio selection / ICO market analysis

Unit 3: Trade Assessments

Week Objective
Week 8, 9 , 10 Test demo trading with 5BTC
Assess and manage a live portfolio
Week 11 Final grading and presentation

PS: All trading tools will be provided during the course.

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