Book review: Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained by Dr Julian Hosp

Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained is authored by Dr Julian Hosp who is the co-founder of TenX, a fintech company making it easy to spend your cryptocurrencies by a debit card. Those of you who are in crypto for “technology” and just not for the “money” should most definitely grab a copy of this book ASAP. If you are based in India, this book can be borrowed and read for free if you are a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber otherwise you need to shell out nearly INR 1300 rupees to buy this book in paperback from Amazon.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy This Book

1) This book acts as a logical primer to start off your knowledge from A to Z in cryptocurrency, i.e. it’s the most methodical book authored yet to tackle the subject from an understanding point of view. These are the areas covered sequentially in the book which we feel was the best way to tackle a difficult subject considering most of the investors / users of crypto come from a non-technical background:

  • Definition of Money: From Gold to Fiat money (Rupees, Dollar, etc) to Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency basics: get familiar with the concept and nomenclature
  • Mining Cryptocurrency
  • How are Cryptocurrencies created?
  • Wallets (one of the best sections)
  • Blockchain forks and attacks
  • Destroying a Blockchain
  • Privacy, anonymity and transparency
  • Altcoins and Bitcoins
  • Crypto-Investing
  • The Future of Cryptocurrencies
  • Initial Coin Offerings

2) This book has the potential to be included in an academic curriculum.

3) Within 148 pages! Who thought technology books can be short and sweet? Aint that a relief.

4) Updated till Nov 2017, so this is the most updated book that covers most of the discovered and invented knowledge around crypto currently in the market.

5) Interactive approach: the book is supplemented by a workbook available at which aids fast learning of concepts and acts like the summary of all key notes once you are done reading the book.

Top 5 Reasons To NOT Buy This Book

1) You are not an investor but a mere speculator in the cryptocurrency markets. You are not concerned about the fundamentals but just the market movements, price, etc.

2) Dr Julian Hosp is a proponent of closed blockchains (he tackles it diplomatically in the book) which will piss off crypto-cultists, libertarians and anarchists. To be honest, Satoshi Nakamoto was himself a libertarian and hence Bitcoin represents the same (absolute freedom in an open source non-authoritative environment).

3) Dr Julian Hosp shills his website (like more than 50 times in the book) asking the reader to search for more details (on the concept of crypto) on the web by “Julian Hosp Ripple”, “Julian Hosp Hardwallet” which has surely put us off!

4) There is better content on Youtube to understand Blockchain (check ) and on the History of Money (check )

5) The book meddles in between from being a technical guide on the concept of cryptocurrency to being a personal memoir of Dr Julian Hosp’s crypto investments. This will create a bias to person who has just been introduced to the cryptomarkets by considering Dr Julian’s portfolio as a benchmark (even though he does lend a disclaimer for the same). We feel the section of Dr Julian’s personal finance could have been a good riddance altogether.

Did you get the chance to read this book? Are you planning to read this book soon? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Till then, happy reading!

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