Bitcoin Bootcamps

An Accelerated Introduction to Bitcoin and the Blockchain, you will not only learn what bitcoins are, but you can also create your own wallet, learn mining, trading, crowdlending and start using your bitcoins in the day to day life. You will have a total immersion into the world of bitcoins hand in hand with the best experts in the region.

Investment Advisory

Digital currencies are emerging as what many believe to be the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet. We believe Indian investors deserve an established, trusted and expert partner that can help them navigate the cryptocurrency ocean. Our market insights and trend casting aim to provide a springboard to investing in the new digital current-powered “Internet of money”.

Money Maths

Money has existed for centuries. We think we know what money is. Cryptocurrencies, unlike conventional money, doesn’t have a nationality, is digital and democratic. They are also lawless. What would a world without banks, or credit cards, BHIM or PayTM or the Indian rupee look like? They say Money is the root cause of all evil, by that they meant Fiat Money. Follow our newsletters to keep up to date.


Investing in Bitcoins

We have a team of data specialists who contribute their insights and valuable opinions on the daily trades of Bitcoins and alternate Cryptocurrencies. This is a 24x7 job with various teams participating at various shifts to lend 100% unbiased, methodical and well researched advisory on a continual basis. Money is serious business and so is each and every subscriber.

Personal Advisor

We also help clients and individual investors who require one-to-one assistance in understanding the potential of Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies. This service is billable basis man hours and other expenses (travel, food, etc.) have to be paid in advance.


Next Steps...

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