Our Mission

Forceful entry to digital payment ecosystem by the central authority is not the solution to Digital India. Traditional banking systems are not secure and dependable. As a consumer it has always been Know Your Client but never been Know Your Bank! These are the same banks that have the maximum amount of debt and bad loans from institutions but its the individual retail lender who pays for it. The nexus between the banks and the central authority penalises individual consumers like us.

Cryptocurrencies are the real solution to the digital payment ecosystem. It is our mission to create awareness of the benefits of Bitcoin, its usage and related technological requirements for classes as well as masses of India.

Financial Rights of an Indian Citizen

We believe that every Indian has the following financial rights which should not be impeded by governments, regulators, financial institutions or other humans:
  • The right to privacy in transactions that involve no harm to others;
  • The right to keep your savings, or spend your money, anywhere in the world;
  • The right to economic participation with or without a bank account;
  • The right to economic participation with or without a credit history;
  • The right to convert Rupees into bitcoin and vice versa;
  • The right to use bitcoin as a medium of exchange;
  • The right to use bitcoin as a store of value.

The above are in conjunction to the beliefs of the Bitcoin Foundation of which we are a member.

Meet the Founder


Deepankar Kapoor

India's first and only Certified Bitcoin Professional [CBP License No. b048da, Crypto Currency Certification Consortium C4] and a member of the Bitcoin Foundation, Deepankar laid the foundation of Bitcoin Wiser on 1st May 2017.

Deepankar is also a well known face in the digital advertising industry in India with his most recent stint being as the Vice President & National Strategy Head at Ogilvy India. He has 9+ years of full time recognised experience in digital business transformation of Fortune 500 brands and won many accolades throughout his career. Academically he holds an MBA from University of Calcutta wherein he majored in Marketing [Forecasting & Econometrics], BMS from Symbiosis International University and a Diploma in Cyber Laws from the Government Law College, Mumbai. Additionally, he is a Google and Twitter Certified Professional.

His leisure pursuits are Netflix, poker, comics and new technologies.